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At Explore Corbett Trips, we're not just a travel agency – we're your local buddies, nature lovers, and partners in making amazing memories. Based right in Ramnagar, a cozy town on the edge of Jim Corbett National Park, our journey started with a passion for sharing the incredible beauty of this wilderness with everyone.

Our Principles

Who We Are

Why Pick Us?

Born and raised here in Ramnagar, our agency is deeply connected to the local culture, traditions, and the magic of Jim Corbett National Park. We're not outsiders; we're part of the landscape, and our love for this wild place is at the core of everything we do.

Awesome Safaris: Our team is made up of experienced naturalists and wildlife experts who have spent years observing and learning about the amazing plants and animals of Jim Corbett. When you go on a safari with us, you're not just watching – you're exploring alongside our experts, seeing tigers, elephants, deer, and lots of birds in their natural homes.

Superb Stays: We believe that where you stay is a big part of your adventure. We've handpicked a range of comfy resorts and hotels that blend right in with the beautiful surroundings. From luxurious riverside getaways to cozy lodges in the woods, we make sure your stay feels like a part of the wild.

Local Adventures: Because we're locals ourselves, we know all the best parts of this place. Our trips let you experience the local way of life – trying local food, meeting the people who live here, and exploring hidden paths that only we know about.

Our Promise

Your Dream Trip: Your trip is all about you, and we get that. We take the time to understand what you like and what you want, and then we create a special trip just for you

Protecting Nature: We care a lot about the natural world and want to keep it safe for the future. Our tours and activities follow the rules for taking care of the animals and plants here. By choosing Explore Corbett Trips, you're helping us take care of this amazing place.

Unforgettable Moments: We're not here to just sell trips; we're here to make memories. From exciting wildlife moments to peaceful times in nature, our goal is to make sure your time with us is something you'll always remember.

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